Safe Deposit Boxes

Box Size

Annual Rent





10"X10"(limited quantity)



Key Deposit* $20.00 per key
Key Replacement $20.00
Box Drill Fee $150.00

* Minimum two keys per Safe Deposit box.


U.S. Savings Bonds

Series EE U.S. Savings Bonds are an easy way to save for retirement, education expenses or just life’s little emergencies.

  • Backed by the U.S. Treasury
  • Invest as little as $25 at a time
  • Earnings are federal tax deferred; state and local income tax exempt
  • Improved market-based rates
  • Cash in anytime after six months
  • Interest compounded semiannually
  • Find out more at


Please call or visit one of our Bank locations today to apply.

Account Disclosures

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