There are nearly 23 million small businesses in the United States. How many are customers of your bank?
     Once considered a niche market, receivables management and credit repair reporitng services in conjunction with epayments global has become a critical tool for banks seeking to expand their share of the increasingly competitive small business market. With money center banks soliciting small businesses with mass mailings and credit-scored applications, and powerful non-banks aggressively targeting and acquiring small business customers, job one for banks targeting small businesses is to launch a counter-attack. A nationwide network of community banks  has found Business Manager to be the solution. Using the program, they have helped meet the cash flow needs of thousands of commercial customers. The Business Manager program is endorsed by the American Bankers Association through its subsidiary, the Corporation for American Banking, and by more than two dozen state and community banking associations.
     Business Manager is a complete system for purchasing and managing the accounts receivable of commercial customers on a full-recourse basis with a flexible cash collateral reserve. From the bank’s perspective, the program provides a way to bank small businesses more effectively, to offer a unique combination of funding and receivables management benefits, and to control the risks associated with the funding of accounts receivable. From the business’ perspective, the program unlocks the cash typically frozen in accounts receivable, provides ongoing cash flow as the business generates new sales, and provides management information on which to base better business decisions. To find out more about how Business Manager can help your bank increase its small business portfolio, contact us today!

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